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Joining the Lake Macquarie Field Archers club entitles you to access the club practice range at any time, participate in competition, join interclub and away shoots and gain access to help and advice.
There is no compulsion to compete, although most people find they improve by competing, even if it is against themselves.


Newcomers to our club and to 3D archery are welcome to come along for up to 3 club shoots prior to joining, to give them a chance to decide whether the sport is for them. We also have a small number of compound and recurve bows available for hire at $10 per day.

The club fees and shoot fees are as follows.

LMFA fees 2022.jpg

There are 3 age divisions for young archers.

   CUB JUNIOR for boys and girls 7 years and under

   CUB for boys aged 8 to 11 years, and girls aged 8 to 12 years

   YOUTH for boys 12 to 17 and girls 13 to 17

Age for advancement is determined by the age of the archer as of January 1 each year.

Members are able to obtain a gate key to the club grounds after a probationary period of 3 months.

Cost for a key is $40 (with $20 refundable deposit on surrender of the key).

LMFA Membership can be purchased at our online membership store; 

or you can print out and complete a membership application form and bring it along with your payment to the club.


Membership of 3DAAA

For insurance purposes, all shooters at our club (after their introductory 3 free shoots), whether members of our club or not, must be members of our national body, the 3D Archery Association of Australia (3DAAA). You can join 3DAAA online via their website at

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